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Garrafa Térmica Com Sensor Display Led Para Temperatura/ 500ml

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Capacity: 500ml
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500ml Smart Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle With Digital Led Thermometer and Tea Infuser for Sale

-This thermos brings together technology, elegance and is already a great success.
Totally waterproof.
-It has thermometer and Led touch panel integrated in the cover that show the temperature of the conserved liquid.
-Your panel is touch just touch it to show the internal temperature.
-For an even more accurate measurement turn the bottle down and return to the normal position before touching the touch.
-The Celcius temperature unit (C °) of the panel changes color according to the temperature of the liquid. When cold the unit will turn green, when warm the unit will turn yellow and when hot the unit will turn red.
-It has a silicone sealing ring that prevents leaks even when lying down or facing down.
-Comes with infuser neck if you want to make tea. It also helps filter liquids with immersed particles.
-They are manufactured in Bisphenol-free plastic and 304 steel of the Austenitic family, with a large amount of iron, chromium and nickel alloys that provide high strength and protection against corrosion.
-Its inner layers ensure long conservation of the temperature and properties of your drink.
-Does not transfer the temperature of the liquid to the outer layer of the bottle and does not perspire, avoiding burning or wetting hands and contact surfaces.

Test for Conservation of Temperature:
-Conducted with water.
-Ambient temperature is 23 degrees.

Hot liquid added at 95 °:
-After 6h = 65 °
-After 12h = 50 °
-After 24h = 35 °

Cold liquid added at 3 °:
-After 6h = 5 °
-After 12h = 10 °
-After 24h = 15 °

Battery (CR2032):

-The LED display uses battery-conserving technology that shows the temperature for only 3 seconds.
-The battery is located on the back of the Led panel.
Replacement of battery:

-Remove the cap from the bottle.
-Apply moderate pressure on the Led panel in the direction from outside to inside until the electronic assembly comes out of the outer housing.
-Remove and top lens carefully to have access to the Led panel.
-Remove the Led panel in the housing to have access to battery.
-Replace the battery and place the panel in exactly the same position.
-If the Led panel is installed in the inverted position the temperature will be covered by the upper lens hindering your view.
-Now just replace the top lens and insert the electronic assembly back into the outer housing.

Important Tips:

-This bottle can not be taken in the microwave oven.
-Do not take in the dishwasher.

Item Included:
01 500ml Smart Inox Thermal Bottle With Digital Led Thermometer and Infuser for Tea

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